Back. Mean, Nasty, Disrespectful … and Back.

It’s been a while.

In that time, the little movement of feminists I became part of has become a force to be reckoned with.

And, of course, the trans lobby has become a massively funded, takes-no-prisoners sort of effort that showcases men at their most controlling.

Just today, I have seen men on the left refer to feminists as in league with Nazis (seems like there’s a misogynist portmanteau they’re just itching to use!) for having the audacity to claim that women don’t have penises.

I have seen women called every name imaginable for expressing this opinion.  I have seen them lose their jobs.  I have seen them excluded from social life.

I have seen women who, heartbreakingly, need to live a double life to be able to keep their jobs at “LGBTQ” charities, so that they can still work for gay and lesbian people.  They have to present about the “Genderbread person” with a smile, even while having been harassed in women’s-only spaces by males who are trans-identified.

I have not been quiet because I changed my mind.

I believe it is time to write once more.

4 thoughts on “Back. Mean, Nasty, Disrespectful … and Back.

  1. Just discovered this blog. Wow. Really well-written and well-argued posts. Am amazed you saw the current problems so clearly already back in 2013.

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